Why is heavy attack of Grave Digger weak in God of War: Ghost of Sparta?

Patrick Bard
  • Why is heavy attack of Grave Digger weak in God of War: Ghost of Sparta? Patrick Bard

    A couple of weeks ago I beat God of War: Ghost of Sparta for PSP. I collected all one million orbs and unlocked everything in the Temple of Zeus, I finished all of the challenges, and then I started to enjoy playing with Grave Digger in the Combat Arena.

    Now I'm trying to determine how powerful his attacks are. As the game does not have anything that can measure player attack power directly, I measure it by calculating how many combos/hits are needed to kill a specific creature.

    Considering the following two combos:

    normal combo = square, square, square, square, square

    heavy combo = hold triangle, triangle

    I calculated the number of hits, regardless if they are sequentially or not, needed to kill the Piraeus Lion, which I think it is a creature with the most resistance to attacks:

    13 hits needed using circle only

    21 hits needed using square only (with combo)

    25 hits needed using square only (without combo)

    32 hits needed using R only

    And incredibly:

    50 hits needed using triangle only (heavy combo or not)

    I thought that triangle is supposed to be the strongest attack, so why does it require so many hits to kill it?

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