DE:HR incomplete sidequest in the beginning?

  • DE:HR incomplete sidequest in the beginning? user1533299

    I'm playing Deux Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut and I have the email from Athene Margoulis asking me to find the drug thief. I went through an air shaft down stairs from the cafeteria (like maintnance offices section) and I found a big vertical airshaft. Climbing down the stairs I find a datapad with an email which pretty much proves that Brian Tindall is the thief.

    The problem is that when I go back to Ms. Margoulis she doesn't respond to it. Is it a bug? Or am I missing something?

  • No, you are not missing anything. After finishing the first main mission (rescuing the hostages in the factory) you will be contacted by Tim Carella who gives you the (side-)quest "Lesser Evils" which proceeds the story about the Neuropozyne theft.

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