How To Easily Get Gold Coins?

  • How To Easily Get Gold Coins? Anthony

    I've been trying to save up my money to buy the illegal gun parts, but their cost is 75 gold coins. Can someone please tell me how to easily get them? Thanks.

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  • Possible Duplicate: How do the Treasure Goblins work? Treasure Goblins are feisty little monsters that drop gold trails as you chase them around, and explode in a giant explosion of coins and loot when you finally bring them down. Is the gold the goblin drops while fleeing separate from their "on-death" spoils, or does it get drawn from the same pool? If I want the most gold from the Goblin, should I kill them immediately, or wait for them to litter the ground with gold a bit, first? How do the Treasure Goblins work? explains what they are, and their general behavior, but I know

  • According to the wiki, normal crates cost level x 400 coins. Depending on your level this could easily be in the thousands to ten thousands range. On the other hand, you can get crates as cargo, occupying a space of 1. Compared to an equivalent piece of cargo, the opportunity cost is in the 10-100 coin range. That's a bargain compared to buying crates. So perhaps when you have a glut of coins it makes sense, but in my experience I've always found ways to spend coins - new railroads, tracks, or special crates - so when does it ever make sense to purchase regular crates?

  • How do I get more income? I tired getting help from my sister and! I'm clueless! My sister said to get more shops, or get rid of some shops and get better shops. I have 74,150 coins too.

  • There used to be stats available (see With the most recent update from Zynga - is this gone? I guess it makes sense - seeing how un-statistical things like Words with Friends and others are.

  • I'm playing coin dozer. I'm on level 110. I have 360 something coins. And my regeneration level is 90, but my coins won't stop regenerating. How do I stop this!?

  • In Knightmare Tower for iOS, you have the ability to skip/bypass a quest by paying gold coins. If I skip a quest by paying for it, will that not allow me to get the Conqueror achievement, which is described as Complete all quests?

  • How is the floor bonus (coins) determined when a floor is fully stocked? Is it random or algorithmic?

  • Is there a list of songs and their required score to get the gold stars?

  • After my first Ultimate Team game in Madden 12, I got a bonus for being a returning player: 1000 coins for the games I'd played in previous editions; 1000 coins for the games I'd played against the CPU; 1000 coins for the total value of my team. What determines the number of coins you get for each of these experience factors, and are there any others? (I assume there is a credit for games you've played against people.)

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