Civil war faction’s relationships edit?

  • Civil war faction’s relationships edit? Agnot2006

    Each time I go through the quest Season Unending, I think I have chosen the neutral route (I even followed a walkthrough on one occasion outcome was score 3-3), but after I finish the main quest, kill Alduin, and start clearing bandits from forts and so on, some are taken over by Imperials and I have to start making large detours in order not to kill them. I don’t want to play the civil war, I just want both factions to treat me as neutral so I can pass through their forts and camps.

    I have never killed a member of either faction. I have no civil war mods in my game. I don’t want to play the civil war. Before Season Unending I can walk into any camps without any problems, But after Season Unending I am called Unblooded by some of the Stormcloaks and if I approach an Imperial camp they draw their swords and say things like "you're trespassing get away or else" or words to that effect.

    I have been informed by other players that after Season Unending they can still walk through any civil war faction’s camp or forts, but I can’t.

    I was hoping for a console command to set things neutral again even if that changes who owns which city. Can anyone help?

  • On console the only way to do so is NOT doing the quest line otherwise i think you'll need to find a console command to reset that.

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