Where is the quest progress screen in Happy Wars?

  • Where is the quest progress screen in Happy Wars? user2758631

    I know once I managed to find the screen, I need to find it again and forgot where it is! Can anyone help me?

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  • I have been using tournament tickets and have reached Gold badge, but on the start screen where the Find Game and all of those things are, it has a gray tiny square on it. Why can't my Tournament level badge show up?

  • I recently discovered that tapping on certain areas of the title screen awards you with controllers (the currency used to unlock new fighters and moves). How many of these secret controllers are there, and where are they on the title screen?

  • , and the player is tasked with deploying a UAV to find the enemy mortar crew. Every time, I can find the body with the UAV terminal on it, but I can never seem to find the UAV itself. Using the UAV terminal does nothing other than bring up a map screen. The UAV bag on the body has nothing in it. I have played the mission in the past where I have found the quad-rotor, but I cannot, for the life of me, consistently remember where to find the UAV itself. Is it on the same person where you find the UAV terminal? Where can I find the quad-rotor, so that I can assemble it and complete that mission?

  • Just got this game. I accidently selected "break it" when inspecting the materials chest, thinking I could get my lumber and stone from inside. Turns out, instead of re-appearing when exiting the screen and coming back, it's gone. I can't seem to find another store that carries it. The general store, weapons, medicine, and food don't seem to have any "chests" of these kind. Where can I get another one? Is my best hope restarting all over again?

  • I'm having a problem with my FEAR 2 copy on my PS3, the game works just fine, I'm just past chapter 9/10 where I'm looking for Keegan, anyway, when the game is loading on the loading screen, no matter how long I wait, it always freeze on 84% loaded. Now there's one problem, I cannot find any game data to delete, except game saves which I'm not risking to delete when it probably has no relevance to the freezing issues. I checked the disc of my copy, it doesn't seem to be scratched or anything so this isn't the victim. When the game freezes on the loading screen, I cannot access to the PS

  • I am aware that at the "end of day" screen one is supposed to be able to buy an upgrade for their booth allowing them to use the space bar to enter inspect mode and use the tab to toggle the stamp bar, however there is no instruction stating where to look to purchase the in-game upgrades. I have searched through the "end of day" screen trying to find the upgrades with no clue where they are. if you found them, don't simply tell me that I can buy them on the "end of day" screen, as I already know that (apologies if I sound rude), but instead explain how to get them at said screen.

  • I have found a helmet and braces with the alchemy enchantment but I cant find a ring or a necklace with it on. If u know where to find one pls help.

  • I cant find my spouse CorpsumingSouls

    After the wedding ceremony in Riften, before my wife left, I asked her where we should live. After I told her, me and her left and I can't find her at the house, OR at the Temple of Mara. Where can I find her?

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