How do I defeat the Spider Woman on Samurai VS Zombies?

  • How do I defeat the Spider Woman on Samurai VS Zombies? Guest

    I'm on about level 22 in Samurai VS Zombies Defense. I restarted the game again once, because I got fed up with being stuck on the same level (yea i know).

    I remember that spider woman who appears somewhere in levels 39 - 45 was difficult to defeat last time.

    What I do is to use the farmers extensively (I have them upgraded to level 7 so far). I use the other people sometimes but only when I really need to. I find that farmers always work the best (so long you have a lot of them).

    I know that farmers don't work on the spider lady, so, when she comes what should I do? Who should I use, and what would be the best line up? Who should I upgrade and how far?

    I don't want to spend a single cent IRL, so, methods that dont involve real money would be best. Thanks!

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