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Ice Mask
  • Borderlands 2 Save Converter from PS3 to Mac Ice Mask

    Is there a tool that I can use to convert my PS3 saves to Mac-formatted ones? If there isn't one, is there a program I can use to "read" my PS3 save data so I can manually convert a Mac save to a duplicate of that data?

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  • I'm spoiled by being able to back up all of my save/game data on my PS3, PC, Vita etc, so I'm a little concerned that there isn't a straight up "back up all the things" option in the Wii U settings... like if all my game/save content is on an external device I should be able to back up that device and keep all my content, right? So if all my content is on an external drive can I really back it up? Can anything but the Wii U read Wii U formatted external media (it'd probably be an HDD)? If I "restore" the external drive's contents can my Wii U still read the restored contents? And...least likely

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