How do Diplomatic Victory points work?

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  • How do Diplomatic Victory points work? Oblivious Sage

    "By building alliances and friendships with other factions and empires, you become highly valuable as a friend and simply too dangerous as an enemy. When you have accumulated enough Diplomatic Victory points in the great game of galactic diplomacy, you become the dominant political force in the galaxy."

    So, how do I accumulate Diplomatic Victory points? Does any kind of trade count? Like, even if I just give someone a flat 1 dust in exchange for nothing? Are different deals worth more than others (alliance seemed to be worth a lot)? If I have peace, open borders, & cooperation agreements with everyone and everyone likes me, what else can/should I do to accrue points?

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  • I have 3 times as much in total score, but my GNP is much lower than that of two other civs. How is it possible to make that much money without having the largest population? I am in the renaissance era btw and one of the civs is aiming for a diplomatic victory. This is just ridiculous...

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