Will I lose anything important without online in The Last Story?

  • Will I lose anything important without online in The Last Story? skovacs1

    Nintendo announced that they are shutting down their online for Wii and DS titles. I have a large backlog of games that I've only played briefly and I particularly dislike being tied to online features anyway because of my irregular play schedule. From what I've read, the loss of the online in The Last Story will make some online exclusive weapons and animated dyes no longer accessible. I'm not very far into the game and haven't found any guides that outline it in much detail, but is there anything that I will lose that is all that important?

    • Are any of the online-exclusive weapons exceptionally powerful or noteworthy? Can I play the game and never miss them?
    • Is there anything else that I will lose without online?

    What if anything is important for me to do online in this game before I lose access to it forever?

  • Of course there are weapons and equipment that are more powerful and better as offline's equipment but you can play and finish the game without playing TLS online once.

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