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    I play with 4 of my friend in team ranked. One of my friends only plays one champion. If you look at his solo queue records, he only plays that one champion. (I won't say what champion in case he ever reads this) Basically, he plays top with this champion and builds it like an ADC. So we are down one tank. We can't put him as ADC either because he can't win that lane. He refuses to learn any other champions.

    One of my other friend only plays unorthodox champions like AP Xin Zhao. He refuses to play over powered champions like Vi or Lee Sin cause he doesn't like jumping the band wagon.

    I'm not sure what to do. We have lost countless games because we don't have as any tanks or our jungler just simply does not have the ganking power. On average our team's solo queue rank is gold. The only games we have won are when the other team is all silver players or they made terrible plays.

    I'm just asking what I should do.

  • Talking as a person who himself only plays one or two champions in one position and refuses to learn anything else, I think you're only real choice is to either suck it up and carrying on playing the way you are, or find new team mates.

    You can't force your friends to play a way they don't want to play. If you still want to play with them but don't want to lose rank, then simply only play unranked games with them.

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