Why do I come out of a Nether Portal other than the one that I made?

  • Why do I come out of a Nether Portal other than the one that I made? daren

    I have built a house in the sky with a Nether Portal in it. When I go into the Nether Portal everything is perfectly fine but when I go back home I don't spawn back in the portal I used to go into the Nether; I spawn in a new Nether Portal somewhere on the ground far from my original portal.

    Is the problem that my Nether Portal is in the sky?

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  • I am playing Minecraft Hexxit and noticed something odd with the nether portal. The first time I went through and back from my portal by base I ended up at a different portal that was already set up. So I damaged the portal to disable it and leave. Some time later I go into the nether and when I return I end up back at the same spot with the portal having been rebuilt. So then I completely take it out and go. (Oh yeah this area is in a cave under water) I tried a 3rd time and without a portal there I hope it would link to my own, but then I find myself back in the same general area

  • I am having trouble placing my nether-side portals so they connect to the correct overworld-side portals. Note, when I started I wasn't aware that the Y-coordinate mattered; I figured the proximity... into the nether via another portal and built one at -2, 51, 20. When they're both lit, they connect properly and no other portals collide. Praise the miners! (The overworld portal would take me to the spawn..., 184, 210 nether: spawn chunks: -2, 51, 20 iron foundry: -2, 51, 26 My actual question: where can I move my nether portals so they work properly? I can move the spawn chunks portals if need

  • portals in the world), my only mod being a texture pack. I created a nether portal a little while back (just a few weeks, no new releases since then that I know of) and used it to go gather some nether quartz and some other stuff. It all worked fine and I got in to the nether and back several times without problem. Then today I went in to try and find a fortress. I went quite deep into the nether... unexplored cave in the vicinity of my home (150-ish blocks away from the original portal). Does anyone know why this might have happened? I have read that the first time you use a portal the exit

  • I'm playing on a private vanilla server with a friend. When we come back from the nether, we don't come out in the nether portal near our house, we come out in one that we didn't build deep underground. This happened in our last world too, the only difference was the new portal was overground but far away from our house. Why is a new portal generating when we should be coming out of the same one? (We only have one portal in the nether and overworld and neither have been moved).

  • I led an Iron Golem to my Nether portal and he went through. He's now in the Nether, but doesn't seem to be able to go back. I pushed him all the way through the portal and nothing happened. Is he permanently stuck in the Nether now? Can Golems only go through one way? Update: I have now waited by the portal for 10 minutes, pushing him through periodically. He still won't teleport back.

  • When I join a server and try to move I am immediately pushed back to my spawn point. Please help me!

  • the nearest Nether Fortress bridge support. Now, taking this portal back to my original doesn't work, I spawn deep underground in an Abandoned Mine Shaft. I read somewhere that my Nether portal has...On our minecraft server, I've built a Nether portal in my basement. Which connected two-way (tested) to a location in the Nether. This nether portal took me to an area in the nether which was a small cave. I dug upwards and surfaced close to a Nether Fortress. After clearing the fortress of Blaze spawners, I decided to 'move in'. So I went back to the portal, dismantled it, and reactivated

  • I have Bukkit on my SMP server, and world portal so I can have multiple worlds. The problem is, when I build a nether portal, pig zombies spawn next to it, but when I go in it, it just plays the spiral animation and doesn't teleport. I think it has to do with my server having World Portal installed. (And yes, allow-nether=true in server.properties)

  • Sometimes I walk into a Nether portal and it doesn't work. The screen gets all wavy, and then nothing happens. It just stays wavy. I don't change dimensions. This happens both ways, Nether to Overworld and Overworld to Nether. I do not have Multiverse installed. This occurs sometimes after I have just used the portal, and other times when I have not used a portal in a considerably long time. I'm fairly sure this problem has something to do with my player.dat file, as removing the file and allowing the server to generate another fixes the issue temporarily.

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