My GTA V disc isn't working?

  • My GTA V disc isn't working? lee

    My daughter knocked the Xbox and now I get to the loading screen and no further. Would it work in another console or do I have to get it skimmed? It was working fine before.

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  • I have been playing some Champions Online on the PC, and for that I like to use my XBox 360 controller. However, I also like to use Push-to-Talk in Ventrilo to talk with my friends. I couldn't find a way to get Ventrilo working with a button on the controller (say, Lb). Is there a way to set that up? I tried JoyToKey but couldn't figure out how to get that working either.

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  • I tried but it is not working and im a noob at this.

  • I'm trying to get the NTerraria mod working for Terraria. When I was creating my first world it got stuck at 2% during the underworld stage. My second world was created correctly, but whenever I try to run it the load fails, .Properties stops responding, I get a pop up saying a System.OutOfMemoryException was thrown or I get white lines all across the screen and the game freezes every few seconds. I had the mod working properly before on a different computer. How do I fix this?

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  • I want to change one of my uplinks to nexus. If I delete uplink what will happen? Will extra satellites stop working?

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