Stuck at Cerulean gym in Pokemon Crystal

  • Stuck at Cerulean gym in Pokemon Crystal Dycker

    I am playing Pokemon Crystal on an emulator (visual boy advance). I've made it to the Kanto region and got as far as Cerulean City and got stuck at the gym.

    I went to the power plant and normally the manager says the generator is missing a part. In my game the manager say it's running fine and gives me a TM. I go back to the Cerulean Gym and there is no Team Rocket member waiting for me and the gym is empty. I can strangely pickup the machine parts that should have been needed for the power plant. I believe my game events are messed up.

    Other evidence:

    • The mimic girl in Saffron City who needs her pokedoll from Vermillion City isn't even asking for it and gave me the "Pass" for the magnet train right away

    • Although I have the pass and the power plant has the power working the train won't work in Saffron City

    • The president of the pokefan club in Vermillion won't tell me his long winded story

    • Earlier on, I went to the bottom of the Mt. Mortar and couldn't fight the trainer that gives you a Tyrogue. He talks like we've fought already

    My question(s) are:

    • Can I do something in game to proceed with the story?

    • Is there a way to use a save editor to change game events?

    • Can I use the emulator to somehow change my game's events?

    FYI: Misty is not at the end of route 25 north of the city. I sadly have no backup save.

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