How to pass out quickly at The great pyramid in Tomab Raider anniversary?

  • How to pass out quickly at The great pyramid in Tomab Raider anniversary? avirk

    well its very old but I started to play it a long time ago but then circumstances changed and I could play any game, after a while started it again and now stuck in the great pyramid. There I have to shoot and then kill 2 harpies and then have to jump on wall then back to poll and again on poll then to wall and then again on poll, after that jump and grapple and then jump and grapple and jump to catch the wall.

    I have tried it several time on my pc but there is very less time to do so and the major thing is camera angle doesn't work good so I could use controls on that. So there is any cheat or any way to get out from this situation. Here is the visual screenshots of that situation.

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