How to add music on Euro truck 1.4.4 on a mac?

  • How to add music on Euro truck 1.4.4 on a mac? user31137

    I am playing Euro truck Simulator 1.4.4 and I can't workout how to add music. I have looked in Application Support and my home directory. Where is the music folder?

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  • It's possible to play your own music in Euro Truck Simulator 2 by putting music files in your music folder. I've done this, and the music does show up in the in-game music list, but when I play the music it doesn't do anything. I'm trying to play MP3 files, which according to the readme file and online resources is supported by the game. What do I need to do to get my music to play in-game?

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  • Unbinarize .sii files Deniz Zoeteman

    Is there a way I can unbinarize the .sii files that are used for savegames in Euro Truck Simulator 2? I'd like to do this to edit my savegames. You could do this in previous SCS games because they weren't binarized (as far as I know), but they are now.

  • Can somebody explain how to remove the 90 km/h speed limit on Euro Truck Simulator 2?

  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 allows you to get multiple trucks and have computer drivers drive them around making you money. These computer drivers are gotten from recruitment agencies. Are all of these recruitment agencies always in the same place? Where are all of the recruitment agencies?

  • When you first start Euro Truck Simulator 2 you are given your choice of your "favourite" truck design. Your choice here decides on which dealer is made visible to you on your map at the start of the game. Because of this I know that Scania have a shop in Hannover, what I was wondering is where are all of the other truck dealers? In which cities can I find their shops?

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  • ... FITZQUAKE 0.85 SERVER (24778 CRC) Ziggurat Vertigo Using protocol 666 Couldn't find a cdrip for track 10 I tried manually playing a track using the console prompt: ]music track10.ogg Couldn't handle music file track10.ogg What am I missing here? ...I'm trying to get Quake 1 music to work under Linux. I've downloaded the shareware version, downloaded the music, manually done de-emphasis on them (sound bassier and heavier), packaged both data

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