Trying to get 29% fortify destruction

  • Trying to get 29% fortify destruction Chud37

    I have ALL the perks for enchanting (100) ALL the perks for smithing (100) and all the perks for destruction (100 again) yet I can only enchant my daedric helmet with fortify destruction to 15%. I want to do the thing where you can get 100% fortify destruction if you doi it on four peices of apparel, however I don't know what I am doing wrong :(

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  • I've encountered a frustrating set of bugs in the Skyrim construction set. Most people that I see posting questions on overhaul mods seem to agree that cost scaling (with 100% cost decrease effects on armor) is just plain broken. 100% fortify destruction = infinite dual thunderbolt = enemies are perpetually staggered. 100% fortify alteration = entire enemy team is paralyzed for the rest of the game. So I have been researching how to make a mod with abilities where effect scales with level and armor skill buffs/perks instead of scaling down with cost. There are several overhaul mods that do

  • I'm trying to enchant my gear with Fortify Alchemy in Skyrim, and for some reason, the base % with a Grand Soul is 17%. If I use an Enchanter's Elixir (makes enchantments 25% stronger), it only goes up to 19%. Now, I have 100 points in Enchanting, and I also have all of the perks... so shouldn't I be getting the maximum value to my enchantments? I have read on numerous websites that the base value with 100 in Enchanting and all of the perks should be 25%. With an Enchanter's Elixir, it should go up to 28% instead of 19%. I have read a question which might lead to the problem, but I am

  • NO magicka at all (of course plus enchantments on ring, amulet, circlet etc). The problem is I tried to enchant my light dragon armor with Fortify Health and also Fortify Destruction and Magicka Regen (since I can enchant 2 enchantments in one item) but the result is not as satisfied as I wanted. At the moment the maximum I can get is about 17% for fortify destr. and only mere 10% for fortify magicka.... PS: Fortify Destruction and Magicka Regen enchantment is considered as ONE enchantment. If anyone wondering how the hell I can cast destruction spell without using magicka, just buff up your items

  • Possible Duplicate: Is it possible to maximize all the skills and gain all the perks? I realize there is a limit to the number of perks one can get during the course of the game, however, I am not sure if there is a limit to other skills. If one were to obsessively spend hours trying, is it possible to level up all skills to the limit (and, what is the limit for a skill anyway?). Or is there some cap on your total skill levels?

  • I am all around character ,And i don't want to be a full blown battlemage or conjurer is there a way to level up destruction and conjuration fast like you can do with illusion and alteration? I have looked it up but can't find anything. I was hoping someone here would know.

  • Possible Duplicate: Fortify alchemy/fortify enchant stacking? I was wondering whether you could use Alchemy to do this: Make a potion to Fortify Making potions Drink said potion and make... making potions enchantments on your items congratulations, you just broke the game! These methods, though i havent actually tried them out, can make you have a very highly increased enchantment bonus, which can of course give you all sorts of insane enchantments. Was this maybe an oversight in Skyrim?

  • Why would the price of potions that I make actually decrease as I get better? I have all the perks and a suit that gives 120% bonus.

  • Strum and Obsessive Compulsive NoneOfYourBusiness

    Do you need to go through all rounds of Strum to get the 100% achievement? Because I suck royally at "Simon Says" type of games.

  • on the corresponding skill of the mage wielding it. For example, a wizard with a high Destruction skill would get a lot of uses from a Staff of Fireball. I'm wondering if 'Fortify <magic school>' alchemy... Destruction or Vampire Armor of Extreme Destruction (Fortify Destruction, 22 pts; Enchantment description: Destruction spells cost 22% less to cast) – will those apparel lessen the charge cost of using...I'm asking based on info from the UESP wiki's "Staves" article (emphasis mine): Anyone can use a staff, regardless of magic skill, and using a staff does not use any of the caster's own Magicka

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