What affects projectile speed?

  • What affects projectile speed? Bora

    What factors have any effect on the traveling speed of a cast projectile?
    Is it the same all over, regardless of attack speed or other boni?

    Are there any skills or equipments which do affect projectile speed?

    (This question covers the mechanics of attack speed but I can't figure out whether it can increase projectile speed (Wizard, Demon Hunter etc.), if it is ever possible.)

  • As far as I'm aware of, no items in the game can increase your projectile travelling speed.

    However :

    • Some skills like Arcane Orb provide a rune (Obliteration) that increase the projectile speed.
    • Elites with the affixe "Missile Dampening" can slow them.

    From the game guide :

    Missile dampening monsters project an aura that slows your incoming projectiles, making ranged attacks less effective.

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