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    Some Context:
    I recently started playing Hearthstone and now that my Mage is at level 10, I want to start leveling the other classes. My playing time is very limited, so I want to unlock all one-time quests as efficiently as possible. To do that, I want to level playing against the Expert AI to additionally unlock the hidden Quest which requires you to defeat all Expert AI opponents. I have lots of experience in TCGs, both similar ones (WoW, Magic) and others, but my card pool is still very small.

    Now I've found that I struggle a lot when playing against Mage with Paladin. This might just be personal impression or coincidence, but I feel Paladin's tricks available at this early stage just can't hold up to Expert AI Mage's. And I'm pretty sure this is similar in other cases. Honestly though, I haven't tried Mage vs. Paladin...

    The Question:
    What I'm looking for in this question is a matchup comparison of the starting basic decks (below 20/20, slightly improved with random stuff from packs) paired up against the Expert AI decks, ideally with explanations and reasoning. I'm aware there is some subjectivity to this (especially if it's about the "best", "worst" or fairly even matchups), but the general strengths and weaknesses of each of the 10-18/20 decks as well as the Expert AI decks should allow some classification.

    I'm also mainly interested in very one-sided matchups (in either deck's favor) rather than matchups slightly in one side's favor.

    Example Answer:
    I envision an answer to this question looking similar to this:

    Exceptionally strong against: Paladin, Rogue
    Exceptionally weak against: Druid, Priest

    Lots of damage spells can quickly destroy Paladin's and Rogue's smaller minions. Druid and Priest can just heal the damage.


    The ideal answer would list all classes, list matchups that are not as arbitrary and probably wrong as the examples I give here and provide an explanation that actually makes sense. A longer explanation is perfectly fine and encouraged!

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