I own a garage with 8 bicycle racks, why can I only fill 3 slots?

  • I own a garage with 8 bicycle racks, why can I only fill 3 slots? Jokers_Blood

    I bought the Eclyps Towers apt. 31, which has 10- vehicle slots that'd never given me any problems, the garage also contains a bicycle rack with 8 slots on the wall, but I can only fill 3 of them. Is there a feat (or something else) I have to complete before I can fill all 8 slots? The slots are filled as followed: BMX (empty) BMX (empty) (empty) TRYCYCLE RACING BIKE (empty) (empty)

  • Just because there are 8 bicycle slots doesn't mean there can be 8 stored in them. Rockstar puts lots of things in apartments that can't be used. Like the hallways. Buy another apartment when the new DLC comes out.

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