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    When I get a message through my phone and I send out invites to my friends to join why at times do they earn double the cash that I do, or how does that while thing work because I know you can make the mission hard for 1.5x the money and RP I'm just stumped because I earned 18,500 on the mission and a friend received 37,000 while I hosted it and did all of the work ? Please help

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  • I've been playing Far Cry 2 on Infamous (hardest) difficulty. (It really gives you an appreciation for tactics.) I've kept all my buddies alive, Flora is my best buddy and Warren is my rescue buddy. I've also saved Quarbani and Michele, and they're currently chilling in Mike's Bar. They both offered me a mission at the same time - I ignored Michele to do Quarbani's mission because it seemed quicker, with the idea that I'd come back and do Michele's afterwards. But after I returned to Mike's and reported in to Quarbani, Michele no longer offered that mission. Did I miss it forever

  • any Adventures while actually playing in the Space stage. NOTE:: I know I can play them outside of the 'campaign mode' I'm sure they put that in specifically because they are impossible to find during actually game-play... Someone once suggested to me that I should go to every Empire and ask for missions on the off chance one gives me an Adventure Mission to do. Is that really the only way. I want he full experience and I'm not getting it because I just CAN NOT fand any of the RP Adventures. Please Help! I just want to 'level' up my Captain and unlock all the Captain's Items((accessories

  • I recently started playing battle or wesnoth and i completed the mission with meremirmu within the time limit (last turn) so that the white mage will join me. Miremirmu even tells me that he will join my team and I was exited to see him in the next mission. Yet when the mission starts he is nowhere to be seen. Is this how its supposed to be? does the white mage join you later on in game. It just doesnt seem right. Am i experiencing some sort of bug. The reason why im asking is because I do not want to keep playing next missions just to realize i need to redo the old mission to get my white

  • Lego Batman 2 has a mid-mission save game system, you find little save stations and insert a white "disk" to save the game at the checkpoint. But how do you resume the game next time? Loading my game save file puts me back in the Batcave, not on my mission. Some research I've done online suggests that if you walk/drive over to the mission start you will begin that mission at your save checkpoint. The one time I tried it didn't work. Maybe because I'd picked up a gold brick or something on the way?

  • After the mission Priority: Tuchanka you are given some war assets, one of them is called "Krogan Clans". It has a value of 250 because in my play trough Eve died, I didn't save Maleon data. What is it value if Eve survive the mission?

  • I have Utawarerumono English Patch on my Windows 7 64-bit Desktop PC, when i'm in the mission maps it's quite fast, one of the mechanics is that you can perform combos by clicking at the right time when you make an attack indicated by a circle because the mission maps run quite fast there is very little time to even see the circle and while holding the Alt key can ensure that the combo hits in the tutorial it's said it's effectiveness is reduced (obviously to deter using the Alt Key to auto Combo), i've also noticed that when i do, people like Touka, Kuuran and Hakuro first deal about 70

  • How do I get a pet shop? Chase Thalheimer

    How do I get a pet shop on the sims free play. Because I tried buying it some where in the town but all I get is houses and work places.

  • Related: How does the day/night cycle work? I have started a mission which has an optional "complete at night" objective. However, I'm afraid to pursue it just now because it is already night and I don't know how many in-game hours (real-world minutes, according to the linked thread) are left before dawn. I don't want the night to pass away while I'm in the middle of completing the objective..., but to travel there (and especially to fast-travel) would take some time and really throw off my plans. NOTE: Though I would not be surprised to find out that there is a cheat/debug command

  • procedure without losing the opportunity to go on the mission (and without suffering the consequences of ignoring it). Unfortunately, I haven't found a table of the mission availability times anywhere, and I never bothered to time it. I have my first MEC trooper about to finish augmentation in 4 hours, and an abduction mission right now. This is month 2, Enemy Within, Classic Ironman. Can I wait 4 hours for that crucial rocket-punching, fire-drawing, closest-enemy-aim-debuffing MEC, or do I have to take the risk with what I have? More generally, how long do I get to wait for any mission? Does

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