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  • Minecraft hungergames server spawn points Adrius

    I made a hunger games server a while ago and I need help setting spawn points in my arena. I want to use the same arena for ever single game. In the first arena I used world edit and set the points and created arena 1 and I set the spawn points sg setlobbyspawn next and it worked and set all of the 24 spawn points. In the second arena i used world edit once again and created the arena and when i try to set the spawn points, it sets an extra spawn point for my first arena not the second one.

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  • Is it possible for me to check what difficulty level is current set to on a vanilla (or almost vanilla) minecraft server? I do have my own server, and I know I can simply check the server.properties file and restart the server, but is there a way any other players (standard players or OPs) can check the current setting being used on a server? For example, say another OP changes the difficulty with the /difficulty command, how can I easily check this? I know I could search through the console output, but this isn't too easy with the server that I rent, and could other players determine

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