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    Does anybody know about the two locks on a single bundle? I am talking about the green lock price and the blue lock price. For eg, in the last Humble Weekly Sega sale, the Total War Shogun 2 was only given to those who donate more than $16. Will that game still be available to obtain after the bundle period by boosting the amount? I have already beat the average of $6 and got 11 games. But I really wanted Shogun 2.


    This is the response I got from Humble Bundle Customer support. I think they should know more about the Humble Bundle

     MAR 31, 2014  |  02:17PM PDT 
     So does this mean that even if I add $10 to Increase The Amount, and reach $16, I won't get Shogun 2. Also, I would like to know if this is the same for all items shown with a Blue Padlock icon.
    MAR 31, 2014  |  05:52PM PDT
    Hi Martin,
    This is correct. Once the bundle is over the offer has then since expired. This includes any order adders.
    Any game in a bundle with a padlock beside the title will be marked as either a Beat the Average, Beat the $6 or $15. As long as purchases made at or exceeding these levels, or have had enough added to the existing order during the designated Bundle sale time will receive any games that are “locked”.
    Thank you!
    Support Ninja
    Humble Bundle

  • I've just experimentd on this. Just like you I had inquired, and just like you i boosted the first BTA and didn't get any more prompts. i JUST boosted up to the 15 and did indeed receive my copy of Shogun 2. You're wlcome, have a nice day and HAPPY GAMING!

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