app is stuck at "Loading account information" Linux

  • app is stuck at "Loading account information" Linux user1945458

    I was fixing another bug at now it is done after a few days but this got at the foreground now -.- . So I start the application I enter my details and then the games tab stays on "Loading account information" for a very long time. Options are working nice, the other tab with the news is working smooth also, but this does not.. At the end of this 1-hour waiting I get a message which says:

    "Oops, something crashed *blah blah blah*"

    And redirect me to a blizzard help page. The summary was a problem with communicating the update manager/agent.

    Also I am running it on Linux via PlayOnLinux.

    What I have tried:

    1. Closing app and starting it again.
    2. Restarting the whole system and running it.
    3. Launching it with Wine directly (gives me another error there - Can not reach the update manager at all).
    4. Creating a shortcut and launching it from there.

    If someone has any ideas it would be great.

    Thank to everyone who loss their time here! {:

    Edit: I waited it to the end now and this is the actual message:

    Oops! An error occurred while loading game information:
    Whoops! Looks like something broke (or crashed). Please try restarting
    the desktop app and/or your computer. More help: 'Here they give link to this -'

  • This is nothing to do with you, Blizzard EU is having problems with battle net right now. And they are saying they're working on a fix.

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