Couldn't setup OpenGL for the requested monitor resolution Hearthstone Linux

  • Couldn't setup OpenGL for the requested monitor resolution Hearthstone Linux user1945458

    When I try to run Hearthstone I get the error mentioned in the heading and in the following body:

    GLContext: failed to share context 40000: Success.
    Screen: could not setup GL for resolution (1024x600 fs=1 hz=0 window=262330)
    GLContext: failed to share context 30002: Success.
    Screen: could not setup GL for resolution (800x587 fs=0 hz=60 window=262330)

    I checked on the requirements and my graphics card is supported for Hearthstone and I do not know how to fix this error? Also I am running it under Linux via wine.

    Thanks to everyone who lost their time here! {:

linux graphics-card hearthstone
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