How do .NAV bot map navigation files in the Steam Workshop work?

  • How do .NAV bot map navigation files in the Steam Workshop work? galacticninja

    I'm asking because I got these confusing information:

    This map's description states that the Steam Workshop does not allow including .NAV files and recommends I download a copy from another website, instead. While, this other Steam Workshop map's description states that it includes a "unique NAV file".

    In the latter map, I checked if there's a .NAV file included with the map in its folder in \csgo\maps\workshop\, but there isn't any. However, when I first played that map, the game didn't auto-compute and generate a .NAV bot navigation file before allowing playing with bots, but the bots seem to navigate the map just fine. There still isn't a .NAV file in there after I've played the map. It is possible that this map has included custom-made bot navigation info somewhere.

    When I copied the latter map (its folder in \csgo\maps\workshop\), to share it with another person who also has CS:GO (but did not download the same map from the Steam Workshop), the game auto-generates a .NAV file when hosting a listen server of that map. This leads me to believe that the custom-made .NAV files of maps downloaded from the Steam Workshop are possibly stored in a location other than \maps\workshop\.

    Does the Steam Workshop allow downloading of custom-made bot navigation files (.NAV) along with the map itself? If yes, where are they located?

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