Where is my downloaded trailer?

  • Where is my downloaded trailer? user74364

    I have downloaded a trailer and have looked at all of the maintenance shops that I have garages at and have not found it. I have found a truck that I downloaded at one of them, which I don't know how to get into.

    Where is my downloaded trailer?

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  • the files to somewhere other than /Applications (I used /Users/Shared) and it still worked. The one thing that comes to mind as a difference between my two systems is that the system where I'm asked for a DVD if the files are in my home directory has Filevault (home directory encryption) turned on. The system where I was not asked for a DVD does not have Filevault enabled. I wonder...I have the same problem as described here. I've installed SC2 on two systems, one had this "Insert DVD" problem, the other did not. I deleted all of the files and re-downloaded

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