I Can Not Find Any Galactic Adventures IN GAME?

  • I Can Not Find Any Galactic Adventures IN GAME? SOLIDShift

    So I bought Sporeā„¢ around 2 years ago, and the Galactic Adventuresā„¢ EP. Played all the way to the Space stage from Cell and was given maybe two mandatory Adventures to play through. But since then I have not found a single one.

    I even uninstalled the game out of pure frustration.. as it felt like I wasted my money on the EP. I have since re-installed it.((2 years later)) But STILL can not find any Adventures while actually playing in the Space stage.

    NOTE:: I know I can play them outside of the 'campaign mode' I'm sure they put that in specifically because they are impossible to find during actually game-play... Someone once suggested to me that I should go to every Empire and ask for missions on the off chance one gives me an Adventure Mission to do. Is that really the only way. I want he full experience and I'm not getting it because I just CAN NOT fand any of the RP Adventures. Please Help!

    I just want to 'level' up my Captain and unlock all the Captain's Items((accessories?)) ect.

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