Why is my character invisible?

  • Why is my character invisible? oscilatingcretin

    I found this question:

    Why have I become invisible?

    None of the answers are working for me. That question is over two years old and has no selected answers, so I am considering it a dead question and am asking a new one. Plus, this may be a different issue because most people appear to encounter this issue after being zapped by Breylin in Winterhold, but this one occurred at random while being attacked by a draugr deathlord in a Falskaar dungeon.

    My character is invisible. I can only see the translucent, red glow of my Daedric armor. When not wearing a helmet and standing before misty/hazy effects such as a waterfall, I can see a ghost-like image of my character. I've tried the following:

    • sexchange twice in console. Character becomes visible, but goes back to invisible as soon as I close console.
    • showracemenu. Character becomes visible until I exit the race selection screen.
    • player.setalpha 100. Does nothing.
    • player.addspell 00030fbe. player.removespell 00030fbe. Does nothing.
    • player.setnpcweight 0. Chartacter becomes visible, but invisible again after I close console.
    • Become Ethereal shout. Player becomes visible, but then goes back to invisible.
    • Casting other spells with character effects like heal. Player becomes visible, but then goes back to invisible.
    • Becoming ethereal and entering a building.
    • Becoming ethereal and waiting.
    • Becoming ethereal and fast traveling. This one almost works. I appear to become visible permanently, but when I press F1 or F2 to load a new set of armor using SkyUI's hotkeys, I go back to being invisible again. I'll also note that you have to fast travel far away, not to your current location.
    • Turning into werewolf. Become visible for a few seconds, then back to invisible.
    • Sleeping in a bed.
    • Waiting for 24 hours.
    • Casting Shadowcloak of Nocturnal. This spell is supposed to make you invisible for 120 seconds. Instead, I become visible for 120 seconds before going back to invisible. This one gave me the theory that there must be some visibility flag erroneously set to false. Shadowcloak then toggles that visibility rather than setting the flag to false, so I become visible until it is toggled again.
    • Entering FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU in console. Did nothing.
    • I've come too far to load my last old save that still exists (I pretty much only quick save and all my old autosaves have since been overwritten).

    I have been to page 3 of Google over this, so that tells you something. Is there anything I do to fix this?

    Pics related.

    enter image description here

    enter image description here

    LOL this is really happening enter image description here

  • I think I happened upon a fix that supports my theory about the IsVisible attribute. Using another suggestion I found about becoming ethereal and fast traveling, I used Shadowcloak of Nocturnal and fast traveled. I was always able to tell when my attempts fail after I attempt to switch armor which would always result in me becoming invisible again. After fast traveling with this spell, I am now able to switch armor and remain visible. I think this combination of invisibility and fast travel toggled that boolean flag back to its proper value. Let's hope this stays.


    Well, it's not completely back to normal, but I am not complaining. My character still appears to be slightly phased. This pic shows that you can still see through the body. At least I can see my character now. What a strange bug.

    enter image description here

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