Quake 1 under Linux using QuakeSpasm 0.85.9 "Couldn't find a cdrip for track" and "Couldn't handle music file"

  • Quake 1 under Linux using QuakeSpasm 0.85.9 "Couldn't find a cdrip for track" and "Couldn't handle music file" unfa

    I'm trying to get Quake 1 music to work under Linux.

    I've downloaded the shareware version, downloaded the music, manually done de-emphasis on them (sound bassier and heavier), packaged both data and music with game-data-packager and installed the resulting .deb files. The game works fine, however the music won't play.

    I've got the music files named track02.ogg up to track11.ogg in /usr/share/games/quake/id1/music. I've copied the music files into ~/.quakespasm/id1/music to be sure the engine can find them.

    This is the terminal output:

    ~$ quake
    Command line: /usr/lib/quake/quake-engine -basedir /usr/share/games/quake
    Found SDL version 1.2.15
    Quake 1.09 (c) id Software
    GLQuake 1.00 (c) id Software
    FitzQuake 0.85 (c) John Fitzgibbons
    FitzQuake SDL port (c) SleepwalkR, Baker
    QuakeSpasm 0.85.9 (c) Ozkan Sezer, Stevenaaus
    Playing shareware version.
    Console initialized.
    UDP Initialized
    Exe: 11:04:58 Oct 22 2013
    64.0 megabyte heap
    Video mode 800x600x32 initialized
    FOUND: ARB_multitexture
    FOUND: ARB_texture_env_combine
    FOUND: ARB_texture_env_add
    FOUND: EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic
    Sound Initialization
    SDL audio spec  : 11025 Hz, 128 samples, 2 channels
    SDL audio driver: pulse, 8192 bytes buffer
    Audio: 16 bit, stereo, 11025 Hz
    SDL detected 1 CD-ROM drive 
    CDAudio initialized (SDL, using /dev/cdrom)
    CDAudio_Init: No CD in drive
    ========= Quake Initialized =========
    execing quake.rc
    execing default.cfg
    execing config.cfg
    couldn't exec autoexec.cfg
    3 demo(s) in loop
    Loading game from /home/unfa/.quakespasm/id1/quick.sav...
    FITZQUAKE 0.85 SERVER (24778 CRC)
    Ziggurat Vertigo
    Using protocol 666
    Couldn't find a cdrip for track 10

    I tried manually playing a track using the console prompt:

    ]music track10.ogg
    Couldn't handle music file track10.ogg

    What am I missing here?

  • The QuakeSpasm developer said that I'd need a full version of Quake for the music to work.

    Bacause of the shareware is limited to only what is inside pak0.pak file - music resides outside it so the engine ignores it.

    Chaning the engine's source code and compiling a custom "prison break" version could probably make it work, but that would be against the Quake's license.

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