Are bosses usually in the same location during a challenge?

  • Are bosses usually in the same location during a challenge? zero298

    I'm trying to unlock the Golden Retriever animal class as the Beagle. However, I'm having a really hard time trying to find the boss animal to unlock. I'm in the correct district, I have looked all over the area, but I just cannot find him.

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  • I'm trying to practice the space animal slayer combo, but it's harder than I expected. It's annoying to wait for Jigglypuff to wake up and I have Action Replay (AR) for the GameCube. I've searched the main AR codes websites, and, but I can't find a code to make Jigglypuff's Rest last a shorter duration. Is there an AR code to cut the sleep time from Jigglypuff's Rest?

  • I can't find lava. I'm trying to make obsidian so I can make a teleport to the nether world.

  • I keep getting different answers, and none of them seem specific to Animal Crossing New Leaf, so I'm not sure if my villagers who move out will remember me or not. What determines it? I know that they'll remember you if they move to a friend's town, but what if they just move out? I'm getting really frustrated trying to find the answer since I've searched everywhere on the net and none answer my question.

  • I've started up a new game of Animal Crossing: New Leaf and I'm trying to decide on a layout for my new town with Rover on the train. I'm trying to take future buildings and such into account in my decision in order to optimize my layout. While I know that you can eventually build more bridges in the town, I'm wondering if you're ever able to build more ramps to the beach. I see that you start out with only 2, and on one of the maps I'm looking at as a potential choice, they're quite far away from each other. Is this ever offered as a town improvement or is this one of the things

  • I'm trying to run WipEout HD Fury in 3D. I have the Blu-Ray disc version, a Samsung UE46C7000 series which has the 3D option - in facts I can easily play Killzone 3 with that option automatically detected. I've been unable to find any way to unlock 3D view in WipEout HD Fury game, and couldn't find anything in the game manual - but I've read on various sites that WipEout HD and Fury content does supports 3D. Is there any way to enable it?

  • I'm using the starter rifle, and I have yet to take down a deer or buffalo while hunting. I've tried shooting in the center of the torso and in the head, but neither location kills the animal. Due to the reload speed of the starter rifle, one shot is all I can get off before the animal runs off the screen. I have a feeling I just need to wait until I can buy a better gun, but my question still stands: Is there locational damage when hunting?

  • Possible Duplicate: Why am I unable to use dragon souls to unlock dragon shouts? Why am I unable to unlock my new shouts in skyrim? I'm using xbox and currently have 5 dragon souls. The new shout is learned and the first word is greyed out. If I try to unlock it using "X" button to unlock a pop-up says needs a dragon soul to unlock. Please help, thanks.

  • I know you have to find the shout and absorb the dragon soul to make the shout work...and for every word the shout has you need the same about of dragon souls. I have 17 dragon souls so the amount of souls is not a problem. And I have seven shouts to unlock. My problem is when i try to unlock the shout it says "Dragon Souls are required to unlock shouts." even though i have 17 dragon souls. help??

  • How to unlock the "Detective"? Like, I can't find him or something like that... Can someone tell me! D: I keep battling with this weird poeple in the allies and they dissapear... I don't get it...

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