Does Thorns damage trigger Area Damage?

  • Does Thorns damage trigger Area Damage? prolink007

    Will Thorns damage trigger the Area Damage effect?

    If an enemy hits me and takes Thorns damage, does it have a chance to trigger the Area Damage on the creature that took the Thorns damage?

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    The only other question about thorns is this one, which does not address several other issues about the mechanics on how it works. In D3, if you dodge or block an attack does thorns still trigger? Do any of the modifiers on Rare monster packs trigger thorns? Does thorns replicate to your follower or from your follower's gear to you?

  • There is a question about whether Life Steal applies to damage dealt by Thorns. I'm asking about whether Life on Hit applies to damage dealt by Thorns. These two are different: Life Steal is "X% of Damage Dealt is Converted to Life." Life on Hit is "Each Hit Adds X Life". This question How does life on hit work? does not say anything about Thorns. So, here is my question.

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