Tiny tower new floors ever again?

Heather Bennett
  • Tiny tower new floors ever again? Heather Bennett

    It has been more than a year since new floors were added in tiny-tower. When, if ever, will there be new floors added?

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  • I was wondering if I can name my tower like how you can rename your different floors. Then when the bitizens talk about it in bit book they will refer to it by its name rather than just tiny tower.

  • I started playing Tiny Tower again after not playing for a while, and I noticed that my floors now have Stars. What does that mean? How do I get more stars?

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  • I currently have the gold elevator in tiny tower. When I accidentally go 1 level over my destination I tap the down button as quickly as I can but it still goes down 2 levels. I'm just wondering if the final elevator fixes this issue?

  • In Tiny Tower, I want to soon add a specific floor to my tower. (You can pick floors since 2.0.) Doing so costs tower bux depending on what you want to pick, and the screen showing the cost is only available when you have an empty floor ready for construction. I don't currently have an empty floor, and would like to know if I can remotely save up the bux necessary for a shiny new Bowling Alley. Is there a listing somewhere of all the costs to pick each floors?

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