After clearing cache/storage, won't let us create a new profile

  • After clearing cache/storage, won't let us create a new profile Dallas

    My son's Xbox's storage was full and so it deleted some things. Trying to follow some guidance, I was advised to clear storage, which I did. This included all profiles. He is now trying to create a new profile and it pops up this message: "Couldn't sign in your profile. Please try again." He isn't trying to sign in, he is trying to create a new profile. Any help would be awesome! Thanks!

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  • I need help. I use serversigns on my Server. Now I create a sign how can player become builder. But when new players come on server they can't click the sign, even though I give them the right to do this. Why can't they click the sign?

  • I'm probably just an idiot, but I'm trying to create a new profile for 1.6.2 to use with single player commmands/worldedit, and I can't get the new modded version to show up in the launcher. What the other threads about this similar issue all said was to make sure everything (the folder, the .jar, the .json, and the id in the .json) had the same name, but mine all do, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

  • I don't have the fanciest video card, so I usually create an application profile in the Control Center for games to increase or decrease quality depending on how taxing they are. However, as of this morning, all of a sudden all my application profiles were deleted, and furthermore I can no longer save new ones, which sucks because I would really like to get decent frames out of some games by using the tweaks in the control center! I'm running this on a laptop with a 6520G onboard card that duals with the discrete AMD 7670M, the machine is an Acer Aspire 7560G-7622 as found at http

  • I had two profiles with Scott Pilgrim save data before I lost my first PS3, which I (thought I) restored to my new PS3 via a backup. However, since the Wallace update, when I go to try and play the game again I only get the option to play as the "Guest" profile, which cannot save data. My main profile (which is connected to a PSN account and owned my old play data) is not accessible at all. I created 2 new profiles and these profiles show up alongside Guest (and presumably can actually save their data). Is there any way to allow my main account to create save data for this game again

  • I've recently set up my 360 to use a static IP address to sort out the NAT problems that I keep running into. This works fine, but has introduced a new problem. When I first turn on the console, it signs into my profile automatically, but stays offline. If I try to connect (regardless of whether it's via the Guide menu, Home Screen option, or otherwise), it fails to connect. This repeats as long as I keep trying to connect. However, if I turn the console off and then immediately turn it back on again, I sign into LIVE immediately, with no problems. Has anyone experienced this before

  • I started playing on an xbox 360 that was not connected to the internet and created a local profile, figuring that I could get around to associating that local account with my xbox live account at a later time (which i have used in the past on the PC, just not a console). However, it seems that there is no way to make that profile associate with an existing xbox live account. I only have the option to create a new account, or download an existing one. Am I not going to be able to use my old xbox live profile, if I want to keep the saved games and achievements from my local account

  • I'm trying to adapt Aegius's common housing block to the Poseidon expansion since it seems to be the most compact and dense block. However, I noticed that he put in all the original Zeus culture buildings, which I suspect is not required. What is the minimum science required to allow my common housing to upgrade to town homes? Which set (university/observatory or inventor's workshop/laboratory) is more cost/space effective? Which science building can I place at the top of the block next to the storage? Is there a better (more compact) housing block to use for Poseidon than that one?

  • I have a small village consisting of just a few houses, a storage barn, a stockpile, a 100% full storage cart, a blacksmith and a woodcutter in the centre, and a gatherer, a forester, a hunter, a herbalist and a couple of houses in the nearby forest. For some reason, my villagers are barely my storage barn. They are leaving their food in baskets on the road outside the barn, despite the barn being only 12% full. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is?

  • I have been trying for ages to get my minecraft to use more RAM, but it refuses to allocate more than 20% ram on my 4G computer. I want to allocate 2G, so the first method I tried was to type this into the JVM Arguments box in the edit profile option in the new launcher. This is what everyone told me to type in: -Xms2048 -Xmx2048 Unfortunately after typing this in, saving my profile, and running minecraft, I get a window that pops up that says: there was an error in the Java Virtual Machine. Is there anyway I can get minecraft to allocate more RAM? I also tried going to Java and changing

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