Real chance percentage of 'Chance on ...' affix in legendaries?

Martin Mystere
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  • The Legendary Axe Genzaniku has an affix "Summon a Fallen Champion" but after some searching I haven't been able to determine his damage. I don't see any explanation on the official blizzard page. When I first equipped this item, I noticed that he "one-shotted" something that my character could not kill in one hit. Is his damage fixed, tied to my damage stat as a percentage, or is he just a Fallen Champion tied to my (or my weapon's) clvl? {edit} I no longer have this weapon, so it is not possible for me to test it myself currently.

  • Vigilance has a chance on being hit to cast Inner Sanctuary, which is a Monk skill. Could this effect trigger if I'm not playing a Monk? What about other legendary items with seemingly class-specific effects? Some weapons with class skills: Skywarden Blade of Prophecy Wizardspike Odyn Son

  • When Diablo 2 was first released, there was a sequence you had to go through in order to get the unique rings. In order to get the Stone of Jordan, you needed to first get the Manald Heal and Nagelri...

  • I just found a Carnevil My issue is that I think I'm losing the "dagger" dps of my fetishes. Does anyone know the damage is the same as their daggers when they shoot? My attack speed is really high so they shoot rather fast, but they now lose the Tasker and Theo attack speed (my attack speed bonus is 80% from them) because they only shoot when I do. Is it recommended to go with Tasker and Theo and keep that attack speed or keep the poison dart shooting fetishes?

  • Possible Duplicates: What is the cap for equipment modifiers? What's the formula for the range of enchantment values on an item? So, I thought this would (should) be easy to find, but I've had little luck thus far. I am looking for a list of affix (stat) ranges for arbitrary iLvl gear. Of course you can go here to find a list of all base gear, but no mention of affix (or base dps) ranges can be found. It would be handy to know how well an item is rolled, but I've had no luck so far. I search here and looked through the first ten pages of results, but I didn't come up

  • Possible Duplicate: How does magic find work? I just came across this information and it says the Magic Find affects the number of affixes an item can have. I always assumed it increased the chance of getting higher quality only (like Rare and Set), but apparently it also effects affixes. Also, is it just me or is the table show in the link incorrect? Here is what it says... 1-affix rare magic item I have never seen a Rare item with less than 4 affixes, so I assume it was meant to go like

  • that there is a minimum number of affixes for specific iLvl as well (have you ever seen rare item of 62 level with just one affix?). Any information on this will be appreciated as well. ...Today I was farming Act II on normal difficulty with 250% magic find bonus trying to find some decent rares. Of 25-30 rare items that I found all armor items had 4 affixes and weapons had 4 to 5 affixes. I know that items can have up to 6 affixes (source), but apparently on lower levels the limit is 4 or possibly 5. I would like to know on what exactly maximum number of affixes depends

  • There are a bunch of new legendary materials in Diablo 3, used to craft specific items. I need, for example, Element of Celerity, Quaking Vial, or Skelon's Dice to make some of the recipes I've found, but I have no idea where to find them. Where can you find each of the new legendary crafting materials?

  • Possible Duplicate: Is Diablo 3 open for mods? Are the sound effects used by the various abilities stored on your computer? Is there any way to replace them with a custom sound effect? I know this sounds silly, but I am trying to replace (as a joke for a friend) the Wave of Light sound effect with the Taco Bell sound effect.

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