Emerald EV lowering berries not working?

  • Emerald EV lowering berries not working? corroded

    I am EV training my lv 45 gyarados so I'm trying to reset (or at the very least estimating how much it has). According to the ribbon girl, it had full EVs already (gave me the effort ribbon) so I started giving it my newly harvested berries.

    According to a guide I read (serebii.net), it takes a max of 11 berries to reset your EVs (if your EV is over 100 in a stat, the first berry lowers it down to 100, then 10 every time so 252 EVS will first lower to 100, then 10 every time, making it a total of 11 berries per stat).

    I tried this idea to count the EVs of my gyarados and these were the results:

    • hp - 80 (8 berries)
    • at - 90 (9 berries)
    • def - 50 (5 berries)
    • spa - 100 (10 berries)
    • spdef - 60 (6 berries)
    • speed - 160?! <-- 16 berries

    Yeah, I was amazed that my gyarados kept eating and lowering down its speed even after 12 berries and went on to 16. I tried to compute the speed EVs depending on its other stat EVs and adding them all up means the speed could have had a max of 130, which makes the 16 berries still way over. How could this have happened? Am I missing something important here?

  • In Pokemon Emerald, each berry lowers EVs by 10. It wasn't until Generation IV (Diamond/Pearl) when the mechanic changed and the first berry reduced EVs to 100. So in theory, Gyarados could scoff 26 of those berries before it gets full ;)

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