Beating the snake boss in Magicka

  • Beating the snake boss in Magicka Red

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    How do I defeat Jormungandr, the snake/worm boss at the end of Chapter 2?

    Recently started playing Magicka and I've just started fighting "the snake boss"(2nd boss). Hes giving me a real tough time to be honest. Is there something specifically that needs to be done?

    I've been treating it as a standard boss battle and searching for a decent opening to hit him. However the best opening I can find(Hit him in the face when he roars) always results in us trading blows. I'm pretty sure I could win eventually but I'm wondering if theres a better way.

    I've tried freezing him with water followed up with ice, beam attacks and fire balls. Or am I over complicating it when I should just slog away and spam heals?

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