Is it possible to join non-dedicated Call Of Duty servers over internet without having a valid game CD key?

Sandeepan Nath
  • Is it possible to join non-dedicated Call Of Duty servers over internet without having a valid game CD key? Sandeepan Nath

    First of all, I have little knowledge about hosting a dedicated public game server so I may be using some wrong terms in this question. Please correct me if you find something.

    I know that we can host a COD server without having a valid CD key (by just selecting Start a server"... or something like that) but cannot join one - it kicks out. I think this is called a non-dedicated public server as it can be joined by users over internet.

    There is also some way of hosting a dedicated public server, but I am not much sure about that.

    Now, my questions -

    • Will the servers simply created by clicking on "Start a server" be visible by other users when they go to "Join a server"?

    • If not, I guess users who know my IP, port can join my server by going to COD terminal and typing

      connect IP:port

      Can users who don't have a valid CD key join?

    I am sure they can't join the dedicated servers listed under Join a server section, but not much sure about the non-dedicated ones.

    By the way, I have recently purchased the game and have a valid key. I am asking this to know if my other friends who don't yet have the game can play on our own non-dedicated servers over internet. I am not able to enjoy the game because of the high ping value due to absence of local dedicated servers. Please check Good public/dedicated call of duty servers list for players in India please!!

  • It can't be done without resorting to piracy, and perhaps not then.

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