problems installing civ 5, steam errors... no solution yet

  • problems installing civ 5, steam errors... no solution yet user7393

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    Can I play Civ 5 without having Steam installed?

    Ok, so let me start of by saying I am deployed. I was pretty excited when I found out that there's civ 5 for PC, and I ordered one. I waited for the game for over 3 weeks (mail takes that long to get here), and for past week I was running to post office everyday to see if it came in early. Today it did (great, I have a day off tomorrow), but I have been trying to install it for past 6 hours!!!! all because of that stupid Steam!!! It keeps giving me errors, first it wouldn't start updating, i searched all over to find solutions... as soon as I fixed one thing, another thing came up, when I fixed that, another came up... deleted blob, installed separate steam.exe to replace the other one, renamed to -clearbeta, ran the safe mode, firewall/antivirus off, etc etc... it keeps telling me to either connect to internet, or the system being temporarily unavailable, etc... I am tired! I finally have a day off, and I spent $50 on this game, for me to get another one is 3 weeks! I couldn't care less for online gaming (plus we are not allowed to do that). I wrote an email to steam, nothing from them. Please help! p.s. i read something about working with router settings, but no can do. We get free wifi here, and are not allowed to touch it.

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