How do I dodge and grab?

  • How do I dodge and grab? user7507

    Does anyone know how to dodge the elbow hit and grab with the hand(usually with the trolls)? Nothing works for me.

  • There are some attacks that you can't dodge. You should be able to block those attacks, though.

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  • On my Monk, I'm trying to figure out if I would rather do a Dodge build with Dodge-centered Passives and Mantras, or if I should go for more armor and healing. In my mind, it comes down to just how random Dodge is. If I have a 50% dodge rate, which of these is true? Every time I am attacked, I have a 50% chance to Dodge the attack. Incoming attacks will be Dodged at a consistently 50% rate. Past results affect future results - eg, I have not Dodged in a while, I will be more likely to Dodge. Essentially I am asking if the Gambler's Fallacy is true for Dodge chance. Both case #1 and case

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  • After fighting this boss for a while, it releases some red missiles, which you don't seem to be able to dodge and they kill you instantly. I can overdive into someone else when attacked by them, but I always run out of people to dive into, so this is not really an option imho. So how do you actually defeat this boss without running out of people to dive into?

  • I know the dodge chance calculation had been modified in RoS. I've seen many Demon Hunters with 8000+ dexterity. The old formula will get >100% dodge chance which doesn't make sense. eg. A demon hunter has a dexterity of 8943. The profile page as of today (4/16/2014) still seems to use the old formula and shows this 109.43% dodge chance. In game, it shows a correct dodge chance...; plus some skill dodge chance bonus.

  • Sir Hammerlock in Sanctuary has given me the quest "Mighty Morphin,'" this quest requires me to take an item from him that is a serum injector. Then I am supposed to use said injector to inject Varkid cocoons in Tundra Express. However, I can't find the item in my inventory after I grab it from Hammerlock (if it is even a weapon or whatever), and I've no idea how to inject the cocoons with the serum. Am I supposed to have something in my inventory? What am I doing wrong? :(

  • Sonya's Leg Grab is D + LP + BL, where + means, I suppose, to press/hold simultaneously. This is the only regular move that's marked with a plus and I cannot perform - I've tried a number of keying techniques. How do you press it?

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