What are the Words of Power needed to enter the dungeons in Ultima 5?

Bryan Denny
  • What are the Words of Power needed to enter the dungeons in Ultima 5? Bryan Denny

    What are the Words of Power for each dungeon in order to be able to enter the dungeons?

  • Virtue          Mantra     Word of Power        Dungeon
    Honesty         Ahm        Fallax               Deceit
    Valor           Ra         Vilis                Destard
    Compassion      Mu         Inopia               Despise
    Honor           Summ       Malum                Shame
    Sacrifice       Cah        Avidus               Covetous
    Justice         Beh        Infama               Wrong
    Spirituality    Om         Ignavus              Hythloth
    Humility        Lum        Veramocor            Doom

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