How do you set up Portal 2 split-screen co-op on a PC?

Matias Nino
  • How do you set up Portal 2 split-screen co-op on a PC? Matias Nino

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    Can we play Portal 2 co-op on one iMac?

    According to this article and this steam forum thread, it's possible to set up a split-screen co-op in Portal 2 on the PC. To clarify: This is having 2 people on one PC with the same steam instance of Portal 2 both controlling their own character in the co-op campaign mode of the game.

    It's not supported out of the box by the menu interface. However, many have apparently gotten this to work by having either an XBox 360 PC USB controller or a gamepad controller that is configured to emulate one.

    The original forum post seems to work for most people, but not in all circumstances. There seem to be a lot of other threads in the wild with many different solutions.

    I figured G.SE would be a good place to post all the possible solutions and maybe arrive at a definitive method or process to follow to get this to work.

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