Where is Cedric during the quest "Where is Triss Merigold" in The Witcher 2?

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  • Where is Cedric during the quest "Where is Triss Merigold" in The Witcher 2? Mad Scientist

    During the quest "Where is Triss Merigold" Geralt is tracking the elf Cedric by the blood trail he leaves.

    I've done that, using my medallion to highlight the blood, but ended up at a dead end, some other dead humans:

    enter image description here

    So the trail I followed was a false trail. I backtracked but couldn't find any other trail diverging. Where is Cedric?

  • You can use the Cat potion to easily see the blood trail in the forest. There are at least three trails to follow, all starting near the gate between Lobinden and Flotsam. By keeping (mostly) to your right, you will end at human corpses. But if you try to keep to your left, Geralt will mumble something about "he is getting weaker, can't be far now." That trail also ends in someone else's body. But from there turn around and keep to your left again. Cedric is not far from there.

  • Thanks to Krytharn's tip to use the Cat potion I found Cedric near the lake. Here's a screenshot to show how well Cat works for following the blood trail and a map of the trail you have to follow enter image description here

    Map of the blood trail:

    enter image description here

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