What is going on with these pistons?

  • What is going on with these pistons? Tyr

    I was messing around with pistons today, and I cam across this weird senario whhere they are not working as expected. I took some screenshots, they are Here and are in order.

    I have three pistons on top of each other (A, B and C) with A on top. I have a redstone repeater aiming at a wood block that is next to A


    Where X is wood, . is wire and R is a redstone repeater.

    • Starting from off, if I turn power on at A, only A goes out.
    • If I then turn on power to C, B and C go out.
    • If I remove power to C, only C retracts.
    • Once I remove power to A, A and B retract.

    If I toggle power the other way:

    • If I turn power on to C, then C goes out.
    • If I turn power on to A, only A goes out, not B.
    • If I remove power to C, then C goes in and B goes out. This is madness.
    • If I remove power to A then A and B retract.

    This is really odd behavior. Can someone explain the logic behind it so I can work around it?

  • This is a known glitch feature behaviour. It may or may not be by design. thisismyfirstpost can only come up with this exchange as evidence:

    jakpo8: @jeb_ Can a piston push another piston? #
    jeb_: @jakpo8 Only when the other piston is contracted #

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