Why are some happiness motives starred?

  • Why are some happiness motives starred? Emiliano

    When watching at people happiness motives I can see that some of them are starred. At first I thought they just had an higher weight when calculating the overall happiness but it seems it's not the case: sometimes even motives with weight 5 are starred.

    So what is the meaning of the "star"? Does it mean a more important motive somehow? But more important how?

  • The starred motives indicate, as you've said, what that particular person cares about more heavily than other motives.

    Starred motives directly influence a person's satisfaction/happiness with you and your island, and will determine whether they leave (assuming you allow them to), or turn Rebel. This is not to say that if you satisfy all of their starred needs but completely ignore every other one that they will be happy.

    This information can be particularly useful when you start to see peaceful protests or when faction leaders are unhappy.

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