How can I use the inventory in Deathspank?

  • How can I use the inventory in Deathspank? Fran

    I do not know how to use items that are in my inventory. I click and pick them up but cannot leave the inventory page with them. I am at the fountain but can't get the bucket out of inventory? I am standing near the dish but can't get the can of food from my inventory. I have a Mac Pro so that you know what controls I am using. Thanks for any help.

    It is the bucket for the fountain and the food for the monster that I am having trouble with. I will try putting them in slots to see if I can get access. Thank you for taking time to try and help me. On Mac most everything is click and drag but I cannot drag items from inventory. I have no problem moving items around on the equipment page in to the correct slots but do not see or have slots in inventory. I am going to check out the slot suggest. Thanks again.

  • Use Command button when standing in front of the well, etc., to use an item. a window will open up with the items to choose from and you then pick the one to use.

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