Are *all* items limited to a certain number per game in Wasteland?

  • Are *all* items limited to a certain number per game in Wasteland? gnovice

    My first introduction to RPG gaming was Wasteland on my old Commodore 64. Many of the items that are key to the story line (i.e. servo motors) only appear in a limited number during the game. However, I've always wondered if perhaps all items could be limited to a specific number per game. Here's why I ask...

    I ran into a situation once when my game stagnated and I couldn't continue with the story line (I probably did something bad with one of the few servo motors in the game). As a result I was wandering around for an extended period of time revisiting every place I could to try and move the story forward. I began to notice that ammunition for all my weapons was running out at many of the shops, and enemies seemed to be dropping it less frequently, as if there was a limited supply of it.

    Does anyone know if all items could be limited to an absolute number per game? Have you experienced the same thing, or perhaps managed to get a peek at the source code or have some other inside information about the availability of items in the game?

  • As far as I know, only ammo is limited -- but you can definitely reach a point where the shops are out of out of 7.62mm, 9mm and .45.

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