Pyro Tactics and Tips?

  • Pyro Tactics and Tips? Nottinylil

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    What's the secret to playing Pyro?

    Jump into pub.
    Select Pyro.

    I would like to know as many tips as possible for playing Pyro, I'm decent with every class but Pyro. what is that thing I'm missing?

    I try flanking, but I always die to a heavy, or a demo.

    I sorta just suck.

    Bottom line: Post your tips loadouts, etc for the Pyro.

  • I suggest another Pyro tips-and-tricks question already above, but to quickly address this:

    I try flanking, but I always die to a heavy, or a demo.

    Make sure you're using the Backburner and getting them from behind, that's the quickest way to bring tough opponents down.

    If a Demoman starts firing grenades (not stickies) at you, you can also try deflecting them back at him.

    And generally, just be at corners or hallways that people forget about; when they show up, you can drop by and make some short work of them.

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