Are character names permanent? If I don't like mine, am I totally screwed?

  • Are character names permanent? If I don't like mine, am I totally screwed? Chandler

    My first impulse was to pick my first name just to see if it was available, because I'm used to normal single names schemes where my first name would be a really rare catch.

    Little did I know, Starcraft II actually has a two name scheme now my username is lame because it's "name (name lastname)"

    Are there any options other than just buying a new copy of the game?

  • Blizzard announced that they will allow character name changes. They plan on offering the change for free, and then later a paid service to change the name if you so desire:

  • It seems like you can't, according to this GameSpot Forums thread. I think they have the right idea - email Blizzard. It seems completely ridiculous that this feature isn't in the game. If a lot of people email them, perhaps they will implement it.

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