Pouring Lava and Water from a bucket

  • Pouring Lava and Water from a bucket camiloqp

    I've got a weird problem all of a sudden. As of yesterday, I've noticed a problem: I can't pour items from a bucket correctly. I can pick water and lava up, but when I go to pour them, it simply disappears and nothing happens. I can however click again and get the lava/ water back up in the bucket, even though it shows nothing there.

    The problem just randomly started happening, so I'm not sure what's up. Everyone else can pour water/ lava just fine except for me. I didn't make any modifications of any sort from the previous hour it was working to the time the problem started. I do have build rights in the server as well.

    Any thoughts to this?

  • If you have a slow computer, that will happen. Try changing the render distance to short or tiny. That should make it load better, and then try it.

  • The bucket issue was a conflict between two plugins and has been resolved.

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