How can I unlock all campaigns in HOMM 3?

  • How can I unlock all campaigns in HOMM 3? Keeper

    I have Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete. I'd like to play the initially locked campaigns that get unlocked after you beat the entire available list. Is there a way to do it without beating the entire list, e.g. by using some 3rd party unlocker, obtaining a saved game, etc.? And if so, where can I get that tool/saved game/whatever?

  • As per Raven Dreamer's comment, there is a cheat code you can use to automatically win each map. Start the map, press TAB and then enter nwctrojanrabbit and press ENTER. You should be able to do that on each map to finish the campaign and unlock the next campaigns.

    There is also a saved game that can be downloaded which has all of the campaigns unlocked.

  • What if you import 3rd party saved game where all companies are passed? Just move a saved game files to the correspondent HoMMs directory (somewhere in ../Users/AppData/...). Then load it and launch/relaunch.

    I haven't ever tried that - just an idea..

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